Ideas for Applying the Edulinc Courseware (from Stage 2)

Ideas for using the courseware from Stage 2 participants. (Refer to the original "Ideas for Applying" glossary In Stage 2 to see who the contributor was.)

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Technology and SCORM

For so many of my LIFE students technology is a barrier. I like the SCORM activities because they are familiar activities but in a new format. Using them will introduce my students to blended learning gentlly.

Ted Talks for Listening Practice

<My students watch and listen to TED Talks on all sorts of topics and use it as a springboard for working on skills such as: taking notes, summarizing, paraphrasing and comprehension questions.


TedEd is a site where you can build a lesson around any ted ed video

Topic links

I also use a wiki site and I find it very useful for the students to have quick links to sites that may be useful and informative. An example would be to add specific links from Government Canada in the Employment section for creating a resume or cover letter. Many of my students are currently looking for work in Canada but this topic is not specifically covered in their progressions for their Employment unit. This would give them an opportunity to access the information needed to write a good resume and cover letter and for me to assist them in achieving 'real-world' tasks in their learning. It also helps fill in the gaps in some topics where we may not have the time to work on specific skill development.

Toronto Quiz

Following a few lessons we spent talking about locations and giving directions around Toronto, I created a quiz where the students were presented with multiple choice questions about our city. Since most were newcomers, they found the questions a little difficult but were very enthusiastic when we discussed the correct answers in class afterwards.


Even your most computer challenged learner will enjoy a little bit of English TV,  I love learning languages by watching TV,  Most regular TV programs are too challenging for our students.  It takes discipline to sit through a program when you don't understand a single word or anything that is going on.  I try to encourage my students to watch English TV.  I regularly post sitcoms designed for ESL student to my moodle page as a simple URL link.  Give it a try.  smile

English Conversation -Very Funny Speaking English 01

Typing Practice in the Forum

For students who are new to computer concepts, the Forum can be used to facilitate typing activities. With a template prompt created by the teacher, students can copy and modify a simple document to share a personal anecdote about themselves Eg. The teacher's favourite kind of weather is changed and personalized to become the student's favourite kind of weather.