Ideas for Applying the Edulinc Courseware (from Stage 2)

Ideas for using the courseware from Stage 2 participants. (Refer to the original "Ideas for Applying" glossary In Stage 2 to see who the contributor was.)

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Filling out an application form online

For our field trip, I took my students to a shopping mall and they had to visit 3 shops and ask 1. If they are hiring? and 2. How to apply? My hopes was that students would get a hard copy of a job application form to look at. The results of the activity showed that all the stores in the mall required you to fill out an application online.

Next time I run the topic of employment, I will have my students download an application from an online source, fill it out, and email it to me. I think this would be good preparation for a real world task since it's apparent that most job applying happens online, as opposed to filling out hard copy application forms.

The closest thing I did this month was I had students download a resume (that I made up from scratch, attached below) from the coursepage and answer quesitons about it re: experience, address, job history etc. I thought that was a useful activity to get them used to what a resume looks like and what kind of information it requires.

Flipped Classroom

Creating a SCORM activity with a video grammar lesson(s) and quizzes allows students to study grammar points for homework or in the computer lab. This enables the instructor to use (more of) class time for practice instead of presentation. For example, instructors could use an engVid or English with Jennifer grammar videos and create quizzes for them. Students study these videos and check their understanding by doing the quizzes. In class, the instructor can now spend less time on presentation and get students to do a task that requires the use of the present perfect. For example, students interview a partner and create timelines of their partners using the present perfect and the simple past. 

 Alternatively, the instructor could use forums to get students to create sentences using the present perfect. The instructor could provide questions as prompts. For example, he/she could ask the question, "How long have you lived in Canada?". Students would reply to this question in the forum. The instructor would be able be able to assess the students' understanding of the present perfect, and the students would be able to not only use the target language but also get to know their classmates better.


This is an example of a grammar instruction video from engVid. 

Thanks for reading!

Following instructions

Getting students registered in the course and customizing their profiles can be a good opportunity to practice listening or reading skills in following instructions. Students may need to be pretaught language such as "link, address bar, browser".

I've done the registration with instructions written in about six steps. Also, I do it talking sometimes. I like it because it is a real task. 


Food Service and Hospitality

Have learners review the websites for a list of pre-determined local dining establishments gathering information such as ambiance/atmosphere, daily specials/menu items, hours of operation, and special functions.

Then have them assume the role of food editor, for example, and 'blog' about their virtual smile dining experience.

Great for refining: colocation of descriptors, reduced clauses, passive voice, word form: prefix-suffix, comparative/superlative structures and pesky article usage.



Especially for those at higher levels, these provide a flexible writing outlet that offers a grand opportunity for feedback from instructors and fellow students alike.


I think discussion forums are a great way for students to discuss and share ideas with one another. I read an article recently that illustrated how forums can help students to become more collaborative and autonomous learners. Although the instructor will monitor the forum, students can share their ideas and help one another.

Forum - Event Planning

Using a forum as a tool for students to share ideas and discuss when planning for an event in class, for example  a Baby Shower.  Ideas around gifts, games activities, decorating, music and food.


As well as being used for discussions, Forums can be used as an opportunity to try out a specific grammar point. A Single Simple Discussion forum allows the teacher to give instructions, and students to reply with their attempt at using the grammar point. The teacher can edit the postings to provide feedback. Classmates can learn from each others' work, and can see many samples of the grammar point in use, all in one forum thread.

Forums to Focus on Students

Using forums can be great to shift the focus of the course toward the students. It is also an excellent way to create comprehension checks. Also helps build rapport between students and also student-teacher rapport. At the beginning of a unit, I like to do my needs assessment on the forum when possible. This allows students time to sit and really think about their goals as opposed to putting them on the spot.