Ideas for Applying the Edulinc Courseware (from Stage 2)

Ideas for using the courseware from Stage 2 participants. (Refer to the original "Ideas for Applying" glossary In Stage 2 to see who the contributor was.)

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In pairs or small groups, students act as teachers to correct their mistakes with forming questions properly.  This may also be used as a quiz.

Skype Interviews

I would use Skype to hold mock job interviews with students.  At a predetermined time, I would have a one-on-one conference with the student and ask a set of questions.  I could even record the conversation to review at a later date for assessment purposes.

Speaking activity

Using PoodLL for speaking activities is more user friendly and practical for both students and instructors.  The recording quality is much clearer than Vocaroo.

Topic links

I also use a wiki site and I find it very useful for the students to have quick links to sites that may be useful and informative. An example would be to add specific links from Government Canada in the Employment section for creating a resume or cover letter. Many of my students are currently looking for work in Canada but this topic is not specifically covered in their progressions for their Employment unit. This would give them an opportunity to access the information needed to write a good resume and cover letter and for me to assist them in achieving 'real-world' tasks in their learning. It also helps fill in the gaps in some topics where we may not have the time to work on specific skill development.

Understanding instructions

After watching a YouTube video on how to make a healthy dessert (Fresh Fruit Crisp), create a listening exercise. Then, extract vocabulary --food and cooking verbs and make a matching exercise (SCORM activity)  These words could also go into a cooking glossary.  If you want to incorporate writing, students could go to a blog activity where students can share a healthy recipe or something easy to make.  These recipes could then be compiled into a healthy-eating cookbook for the class.

Using a Wiki to Prepare for a Group Presentation

While I was reading the section about using a wiki, an idea occurred to me. I'm currently teaching a LINC 4 evening class and we've been working on consumer skills. I'm planning a field trip next week to Best Buy and Future Shop to get students to do some comparison shopping on specific household appliances. Also, I'd like them to find out about return policies and warranties on those products. Here's my new idea: get them to work in small groups at the stores and then create short presentations on their findings. I'll also get them to use a wiki to plan that presentation. It will help them collaborate even though they are all short of time. Additionally, I will have a concrete record of who has contributed and who has not.

Web link

I find it useful adding Web links to the course especially from YouTube. 

After doing some grammar in the class, students are exposed to videos and different ways of explaining the rules with different examples ( as well as listening to native speakers). 

In the blogs students are asked to give their opinions on the watched video, write their own sentences of the lesson practiced, read other  blogs and reply to some.



I think the wikis would work really well to report on any collaborative project. For example after completing the "Four Provinces" section of the LINC 4 Activities, students could work individually or in groups to research and write an advertisement for each of the other provinces and territories.

Wikis forJob Interviews

A wiki can be used to have students collaborate on a document. I have been teaching about job interviews and have largely focused on the language aspect of this. However, in a job interview, a sociocultural faux pas can be more detrimental than mere language difficulties. in order to broaden the students knowledge of this area, a wiki could be used to ascertain how much the students knew about common practices vis a vis job interviews in Canada. In order to broach this subject, I could set up a wiki where students could work on a document where they list what they perceive as common practice in interviews in Canada. They could edit one another's sentences, too. I could then garner this information and use it to inform my own teaching of the topic. after this, The students could then return to the wiki and collaborate on making a poster giving advice to new immigrants in the marketplace for jobs. The students' previous experience of collaborating on a wiki will help them with this mini project.


Blogs would be useful for fluency writing as well as to comment on events in the news that we have studied.

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