Ideas for Applying the Edulinc Courseware (from Stage 2)

Ideas for using the courseware from Stage 2 participants. (Refer to the original "Ideas for Applying" glossary In Stage 2 to see who the contributor was.)

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Adding a Web Link

By providing a web link to a course (eg. You Tube - possibly performed by native speakers), TL can naturally be highlighted. Learners can recognize at understanding of language through real life situation and communication.


Blogs reflect students’ opinions and might be used as on-line journals.  It will be easy for the instructor to see learners’ progress and the development of their writing skills if the blog posts are organised chronologically.

Students may also work together as a team on a project. The project will be changing and growing continuously. Blogs help to create supportive environment and to build a team.  Students get a chance to see the problem from different perspectives, to exchange and clarify their ideas.  Discussing various topics and expressing own opinions leads to deeper learning and understanding of the covered material. 

Blogs as a "brainstorming" tool

Where a group of students need to come up with ideas for group projects, a blog could be used so that even absent/sick students could review and comment on the ideas of others and/or add their own suggestions for consideration.

Breaking New English lesson plans

I have found the website: very useful as it provides learners with tons of amazing thematic lessons, along with the respective worksheets, questions and answer keys. Learners may want to practice by their own and can easily have access to this free website

Choice as a reading comprehension assessment

I can easily see using a "choice" activity as an assessment of a reading for comprehension.  In the Health and Safety unit of the LINC 3 activities, I generally discuss nutrition and where the most nutritious food is found in the supermarket.  After discussing the departments of a grocery store one could write a small document with an example of someone shopping and what they bought, then using the "choice" option an instructor could ask questions like "In what section did Matt buy his bread" A= B=C=D=  etc.  I look forward to using this!

Connect with www

Connecting the activities of the course with other websites is a great way to enhance the learning process. The students have a better understanding of the navigation but they also are exposed to variety of sites which promote interactive learning. Students can individualize their learning process according to their  need learning styles, they can return and revisit lessons or improve their performance.

Developing computer skills while reviewing

Since my students are ESL literacy, they need a lot of review. They are also lacking in many basic computer skills. In order to help the students develop their computer skills, I am revealing activities on the edulinc courseware that we have completed as worksheets in class. In this way, they are reviewing the language covered in class in a familiar fashion. Since they can complete these activities on the edulinc courseware as many times as they like, they can feel good about getting that 100% as well as reviewing as often as they need. This will allow them to concentrate more on using the computer itself, and navigating through the edulinc site. 

Direct Links

Direct links to outside, online resources that students can access.  These links would be linked directly to curricular content and give students access to a broader knowledge and understanding.

External Links

Allow students more opportunities to practice their skills by adding teacher-selected external links to the page.

Filling out an application form online

For our field trip, I took my students to a shopping mall and they had to visit 3 shops and ask 1. If they are hiring? and 2. How to apply? My hopes was that students would get a hard copy of a job application form to look at. The results of the activity showed that all the stores in the mall required you to fill out an application online.

Next time I run the topic of employment, I will have my students download an application from an online source, fill it out, and email it to me. I think this would be good preparation for a real world task since it's apparent that most job applying happens online, as opposed to filling out hard copy application forms.

The closest thing I did this month was I had students download a resume (that I made up from scratch, attached below) from the coursepage and answer quesitons about it re: experience, address, job history etc. I thought that was a useful activity to get them used to what a resume looks like and what kind of information it requires.

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