Ideas for Applying the Edulinc Courseware (from Stage 2)

Ideas for using the courseware from Stage 2 participants. (Refer to the original "Ideas for Applying" glossary In Stage 2 to see who the contributor was.)

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Inserting Labels

I added a few labels to make it much easier for students to use this courseware. These labels divided the learning activities into several different sections, such as Listening Activities, English Test Center, English Grammar and English Writing. These headings help students find the area where they need to improve. It suits their learning needs. 

Interactive Discussion

Students need to browse threw a list of current events and activities going on in the city and post a suggestion to the teacher that they think the teacher would like to participate in.  They should include the date, time, and place so that they are getting used to the function of making appointments.  They cannot suggest the same activity as other students, so students must read others' postings and select accordingly.  This is a task in reading and writing.

Introducing LINC 3 literacy learners to the courseware

Since most of my students are poor readers and are not computer savvy, I am pairing them up and taking baby steps with the courseware. I developed a step-by-step pairs worksheet to practice logging in/off, coming up with an appropriate password (had to define "at least 3", "characters", and "lower case", etc..) By pairing them up, they got to help each other practice twice. The second time we logged in, they could explain the steps and do them with relative ease. Changing their profile information was a challenge, but on the other hand, they got even more practice logging in when the second partner's turn came up. They did a poll before quitting for the evening and some were already asking me for help with messaging!

Introducing the courseware to the students

After my students signed in for the first time, to help them become familiar with the courseware, I designed a Scavenger Hunt exercise which they had to complete with a partner in the computer lab. You can make it competitive if you want to do so. I uploaded the exercise I used with my LINC 5 classes. You can adapt it to suit most of the LINC levels.


Language Activity - Forum

I teach a Professional English Language Training (PELT) class at CLBs 6-8. the PELT program incorporates intercultural communication training. I would like to set up a forum for applying the vocabulary students learn in English class about dimensions of culture to discuss questions and concerns about intercultural communication issues with other students and the intercultural communication workshop facilitator.

Language for Work

The Glossary entries certainly could be an application which is useful within the classroom. Students would be able to access a list of resume/cover letter buzzword, a list of hard and soft skills that they could add to their resumes, and other job related vocabulary which they may encounter while looking for a job.

Learner created Glossary

Many of my learners experience a glossary for the first time when they begin an online class. I select a series of readings that promote online learning as a great way to learn and build a glossary of terms with them during the readings and the reply is usually "oh, a glossary is just like my vocabulary notebook but in alphabetical order"...great learning for the learners. This teaches them that their skills are transferable to online learning.

Learning from television programs

Students watch a particular Canadian TV program such as Amazing Race Canada. Each group watches one program. They discuss the segment on the discussion forum. They come back to class with vocabulary and questions.

learning objects as homework

I assign these activities as homework, but tracking the completion and progress is next to impossible. Now, I will be able see who needs a bit of a push to do some independent studying. 

limit SCORM activities

I only show the students SCORM activities that were previously discussed about in class in order that they do not get lost on a busy web page.

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